David Trent: Spontaneous Comedian ★★★★

Cai Trefor - Broadway Baby, 14th August 2012

David Trent calls live comedy ‘the only true spontaneous art form’. Spontaneity may be something that gives stand-up its worth, but sometimes it kills the performance. Trent seems to have avoided this downfall by maintaining a tight atmosphere that exploits the potential of the unexpected. He peppers his well-prepared stand up of tight, intricate and well researched jokes with moments that reflect his passion for chaos. It feels at the same time assured and unsettling.

His show is full of energy and enthusiasm, his arsenal of electronic assistance giving him an appearance of nerdiness. Surprisingly he is primary school teacher and has a loving happy family, a background which contrasts with his stereotypical ‘lonely insecure comedian’ persona.

Trent has used his spare time to put together funny Youtube videos which function as his punchlines. Usually these videos make an amusing and insightful commentary on film and TV clips that will have you laughing and kicking yourself, wishing you could have made the same observations first.

The best of his set came from clips from X-factor which showed the slips of political correctness made by Louis Walsh. Trent also made interesting references to his own life and is unafraid to make a mockery of himself. This is modern stand-up comedy comedy at its best, Trent demonstrating excellent video editing skills with pacey switching between himself and the screen. The audience, at times, were bowled over with laughter. His set will look good on a big stage; expect to see more of David Trent.